Car Wars Sixth Edition by Steve Jackson Games

Created by Steve Jackson Games

The original game of autoduelling returns! Jump into Car Wars Sixth Edition now! Features: * Custom plastic miniatures * Redesigned combat system * Individual player dashboards * Hundreds of ways to customize your car!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Dice Bag Unlocked and More Pics!
over 1 year ago – Tue, Dec 03, 2019 at 12:38:49 AM

The $425,000 stretch goal is behind us and everyone receiving the Double Ace stretch goals is now getting a Car Wars dice bag included in your rewards package. This lined, drawstring dice bag can hold all of the Car Wars dice . . . and more! The bag will hold roughly 50+ dice, so you can easily store two sets in the bag.

The sample bags came in today and look great. This stretch goals exists because of suggestions made on Facebook earlier this month. When "a dice bag!" was suggested, I felt so silly that we didn't think of that. 

The dice bag is also now available as an add-on item.

Playmat #3?

We know you're watching for this to join the campaign. So far, only Playmat #1 and Playmat #2 are offered in this Kickstarter campaign; we've not yet revealed the Playmat #3 stretch goal.

Today, in the conference room, we assembled all three playmats and snapped a few photos showing what is possible with the three 36" x 36" neoprene-backed playmats. As you can tell, it makes for a giant battlefield!

- Phil Reed

$400,000 Stretch Goal Unlocked: Avalanche
over 1 year ago – Mon, Dec 02, 2019 at 10:26:14 PM

Avalanche has been unlocked and added to Miniatures Set 3!!! That makes a total of 20 car miniatures now available (eight in the core game and twelve in the three different minis expansions). And the factory's timing was perfect: The Avalanche master sculpt arrived today and it is a monster!

Up next: $415,000 stretch goal that, if unlocked, adds three new tiles to the Road Tiles pack.

- Phil Reed

Avalanche mini.
Avalanche mini.
Avalanche mini on early prototype base.

Armored Beer Refrigerator Unlocked and New Gameplay Video
over 1 year ago – Mon, Dec 02, 2019 at 06:50:30 PM

$385,000 is down! That adds the armored beer refrigerator card (x4) to the game, which we know many of you were looking forward to.

Jimmie and Randy, Round Two!

A new gameplay video has been posted as Jimmie and Randy continue blasting each other. Will Randy roll the dice like a pro, or will he keep showing us that he is unable roll the dice to save his life?

- Phil Reed

Two Stretch Goals Unlocked, Uncle Al's Cyber Monday Deal, and a Peek at Miniatures Set 2 Cards
over 1 year ago – Mon, Dec 02, 2019 at 05:21:43 PM

After the Crew Pack was unlocked yesterday, you went on to unlock two more stretch goals:

  • $352,500 - You've added eight cards to Playmat #1! These are the first cards included with this playmat; will there be more?
  • $360,000 - Another eight cards added to the Road Tiles expansion, pushing the total number of cards in that set to twenty!

Uncle Al's Cyber Monday Deal

Until 5 pm central today, the $145 reward level is perfect if you missed out on the Black Friday offer . . . or if you selected the $50 or $74 Black Friday offers and now wish to upgrade without losing the bonus Uncle Al's Upgrade Pack. This is a timed offer, though, and the computers at Kickstarter will remove it as an option at 5 pm central today. Do not miss out!

NOTE: If you are at the $139 Black Friday reward level, or you are at the $300 or higher reward level, the Cyber Monday deal isn't for you. You're all set!

 Miniatures Set 2 Cards

Have you added $40 to your pledge to secure your copy of Miniatures Set 2? This add-on that you have unlocked is not included in any reward level; to add the set to your rewards, simply increase your pledge amount by $40; you'll tell us in BackerKit exactly which add-on items you want.

Many of you have asked about the cards included in Set 2, so here's a quick peek at four of the new cards.  

Four of the new cards included in Miniatures Set 2. As always, all images are subject to change.

 The pack includes a total of ten different cards that are broken down as follows:

  • One new accessory card (x4, one for each player)
  • Two new structure cards (x16/each, four for each player)
  • Two new upgrade cards (x4/each, one for each player)
  • Five new weapon cards (x8/each, two for each player)

Every set of minis includes new cards for the game, and those cards are in the four different player colors so that everyone has an equal chance at the new weapons and accessories.

As more miniatures sets are unlocked, the number of design options for the game will increase. 

- Phil Reed

Car Wars Crew Pack Unlocked, New Stretch Goals Revealed
over 1 year ago – Mon, Dec 02, 2019 at 04:49:13 PM

Now that $340,000 is in the rearview mirror, we can report that the Car Wars Crew Pack has been unlocked and added to both the Ace and Double Ace reward levels. This expansion includes new crew cards, 16 pedestrian tokens, and the rules necessary to bail out of your car when things go very bad. 

The Crew Pack has also been listed as an add-on item.

Included at no extra charge in the Ace and Double Ace stretch goal rewards.

At the moment, we have the following revealed stretch goals waiting for attention:

  • $352,500 - IMPROVED - +8 cards added to Playmat #1. (At the moment, this playmat includes no cards. If this stretch goal is unlocked, we add eight cards.)
  • $360,000 - IMPROVED - +8 cards added to the Road Tiles expansion.
  • $375,000 - DOUBLE ACE - Car Wars Miniatures Set 3. Three more plastic car miniatures!
  • $385,000 - ROOKIE/ACE/DOUBLE ACE - We add the armored beer refrigerator card to the game (x4, one card for each player deck). What can you do with this card? Protect your drinks and keep them cold!
  • $400,000 - IMPROVED - We add a fourth plastic car mini to Miniatures Set 3.

Again, please keep sharing this project with your friends. We need new blood to keep unlocking those stretch goals.

- Phil Reed